Make the technological advancement your company's main strength


Create a premium-quality website that will allow your business to improve the online presence.


Optimize a website to improve Search Engine ranking and reach your potential customers without extra expenses.


Write a computer program that will give your product a competitive advantage and improve the efficiency.


The Goal of Our Company

What Makes Us Special

GSS was created in order to satisfy the needs of international customers who require the full package of services based on their needs, IT services, or simply intend to create a website and maintain it. The goal of our company is to show the world that Georgia can be the next market that will provide high-quality IT (and not only) services to the companies on the international market.

GSS acts as a middle man between Georgian prospects who intend to express their potential and international corporations that require high-quality service at an affordable price.


Need a Consultation?

How Can We Help You

Our team consists of professionals who will be able to exponentially increase the potential of your company. Even if you are not sure what services you will require, we will be able to choose the right services for your company. Our services are always in line with the goals of our partners. We will make sure that you reach your short-term goals and pave the way towards your long-term success.